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SK8FACE is a feature documentary film about the history and evolution of skateboard art and culture. Witness the evolution of skateboard art from a simple 2x4 with roller skate wheels to skateboards hanging in museums all over the world. The film is a 70 year journey, beginning in the 1950s when skateboards were simple planks of wood, to today when skateboards are considered major works of art. SK8FACE is a historical look into how skateboard art has created its own subculture while simultaneously influencing modern pop culture.

Within the film viewers can see through the eyes of these iconic artists and skateboarders, touching on their first hand experiences of the stories of the art (both past and present), while they continue to push ahead on their own paths. These elements enable the viewer to appreciate the history of skateboard art, realize its connection and influence on the modern art world, and also illustrate today’s independent creators and cultural influencers. Skateboarding is now a global phenomenon.  


SK8FACE tells the story of how the art on these iconic boards sparked a creative revolution.                                                      

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